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Aletheia - (ἀλήθεια - "Truth")

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This Summer at CIU


Summer at CIU

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New Majors Announced!



Undergraduate students at CIU have four new majors and one minor to choose from that will prepare them for life, work and ministry in a culturally diverse world.

  • Global Business Development 

  • Global Media Communications

  • International Community Development

  • Teacher Education

  • Chaplaincy (minor)

International Community Development is currently a minor at CIU and includes training at the HEART (Hunger, Education, and Resource Training) Institute in Lake Wales, Fla.  

Dr. Mike Barnett, dean of the CIU College of Intercultural Studies, says enrollment for the new majors will begin in the Fall 2014 semester.

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Meet Challie

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Visit CIU and meet students like Challie Shaver.

 What do you love most about CIU?

I love the type of people CIU attracts. The community makes CIU special, but the relationships I have made here are seriously unlike any other relationships I have ever had and I know they won't end at graduation.

Why did you choose CIU?

My journey to CIU was pretty simple; I wanted to know the Bible better and I wanted to be prepared for cross-cultural ministry. After visiting CIU and attending the McQuilkin Scholarship Weekend, I discovered that this place was different--the students actually desired to know Christ and to make Him known and were taking advantage of so many different avenues here to live that out.

What is your major, class, and future plans?

Bible/Intercultural Studies, 2014 (!!!), I'm not really sure what the future holds for me, but I do know that I want to go where God points out a great need for the gospel, whether that is downtown Columbia or on the other side of the world.

How do you plan to use your degree after graduation?

I love learning how different cultures view the world and the timeless truths of Scripture that know no boundaries. If I end up living stateside, I hope to help establish better cross-cultural communication between the church here in the West and the rest of the world. If I have the opportunity to live overseas, I would love to use those same skills I've learned from my ICS degree to help introduce the gospel in another culture.

 How has CIU shaped who you are as a person and/or spiritually in the time you’ve been here?

CIU has been a safe place for me to grow, to ask hard questions, to doubt, to believe more firmly, to make mistakes, and to learn more about who I am. It's impossible to sum up how God has transformed me during my time at CIU in just a few sentences...but I do know that at CIU I have been encouraged to know God, not just know about God. To know God is to love Him, and to love Him inevitably makes Him known. CIU has impressed upon me a desire to know my God and to make Him known among the nations. That's something that will, God-willing, carry through the rest of my life.

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