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Spotlight on Bible Teaching


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What jobs can you get with a Bible Teaching degree (or how can you use this degree)?
•    Teaching Bible in public school districts in the United States: Bible classes are currently offered in over 18% of public school districts in the United States.
•    Teaching Bible in Christian Schools in the United States: Each year Columbia International University receives scores of requests for Bible teachers, more than we can fill.
•    Teaching Bible in International Schools all over the world: These schools enroll national students as well as American students. Often these opportunities are in limited access countries.
•    Teaching Bible to nationals in government schools overseas: Many countries in Africa, South America, and other areas either require or allow Bible to be taught in the public government schools. Many of these classes are taught in English. Bible teaching opportunities to nationals exist in every continent in the world.
•    Teaching in Bible institutes and colleges overseas: As the church grows around the world, there is an increasing need for training believers in the Bible.
•    Church work such as youth ministry and Christian Education: These are church ministries which require special emphasis in Bible teaching.
•    Seminary preparation: Pre-seminary students find the training in Bible Teaching helps prepare them for their future studies and for the pastor-teacher ministry.

What makes this program different at Columbia International University?
•    A graduate of the Bible Teaching program receives the "all-level" Bible certification from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), the largest Christian School organization in the world. This qualifies the graduate to teach Bible in Christian Schools in North America and International Schools around the world. Graduates employed to teach Bible in North Carolina will qualify for a North Carolina Secondary Teaching Certificate in Bible.
•    Last year alone we received approximately 150 requests for Bible teachers to teach in Christian, international, or public schools. In addition, there are scores of other Bible teaching opportunities around the world in schools, missions, and churches.

What skills are valuable for someone in this field?
•    Cultivate the skill of preparing hermeneutically-sound Bible lessons and curriculum that are developmentally appropriate and consistent with the pattern of biblical revelation.
•    Implement the sociological, philosophical and psychological principles of the teaching-learning process into the preparation and delivery of Bible lessons.
•    Establish positive, professional behavior and relationships with supervisors, co-workers, parents, and students.

How will this degree/program help you personally?
•    Classroom training experience allows the student to receive the greatest concentration of teaching opportunities within a short amount of time
•    Students are trained to study and to teach the Bible according to the chronological overview of the Bible


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